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Make sure you download a new license file and put it in edpcloud/etc/edlicense
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EnduraData EDpCloud Real Time File Replication and Data Synchronization Software. Please make sure you download a free new demo license and the right package for your platform. unzip the license file and put it in $ED_BASE_DIR/etc (Unix/Linux) or %ED_BASE_DIR\etc for windows.

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  • License file

MD5: 9b3b6072f9038c9f3b980cb87c74f9c6 | edlicense.zip

  • AIX

MD5: 5f8f1d94ba37b6944d9a48d3f2fd2669 | edpcloud_AIX_ppc64_v4_1_5_E.tar.gz

  • Linux 64 bit on Intel or AMD with support of both IPv4 and IPv6

MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_5_E.tar.gz) = 7b91c46685c58e536c604cc05f20e910

  • Linux 32 bit on Intel or AMD with support of both IPv4 and IPv6

MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x86_v4_3_5_E.tar.gz) = cdbcc10234eeb2ad7f6a6aed4f81b4dc


  • Linux on IBM Power

MD5: 36b59fb246331f7038732552efcd51d2 | edpcloud_LINUX_ppc64le_v4_2_6_E.tar.gz
MD5: 0de1b870f9bfb822c4acb60a6cedab5d | edpcloud_LINUX_ppc64_v4_2_6_E.tar.gz

  • Mac 32 or 64 bit

MD5 (edpcloud_MACOSX_x86_v4_3_5_E.tar.gz) = a7648eb29eb2f6305e0676f36a16b4aa

  • Solaris Sparc

MD5: 6b35f149e9a7c64622c41bb95f2f2138 | edpcloud_SUNOS_SPARC64_v4_3_1_E.tar.gz

  • Win 2003

MD5: 10424e0a390f6b118c87ecc9fc140752 | enduradata_edpcloud_4_2_7_E_setup_WINDOWS2003_i386.exe_.zip

  • Windows 32 bit: 2008, Win7, Win10, Win 2012

MD5: 41476a5a91e7cba7252ef9327cc12367 | enduradata_edpcloud_4_3_4_E_setup_WINDOWS7_i386.exe_.zip

  • Windows 64 bit: 2008, Win7, Win10, Win 2012


MD5 (enduradata_edpcloud_4_3_5_E_setup_WINDOWS7_x64.exe.zip) = 13b5970274e7357201af40d2ba337565



MD5(edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_5_E.tar.gz) =  a1c05aa5e1977dff48ad414c1af0b3eb


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