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Make sure you download a new license file and put it in edpcloud/etc/edlicense
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What is this?

EnduraData EDpCloud Real-Time File Replication and Data Synchronization Software Download Area.

Use EDpCloud for remote or local online replication, backup, data migration and workflow automation.

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Download EDpCloud data replication software and the license

Please make sure you download a free new demo license and the right package for your platform. unzip the license file and put it in $ED_BASE_DIR/etc (Unix/Linux) or %ED_BASE_DIR\etc for windows.

Need help? Call 952-746-4160 or email support

EnduraData provides free data replication software demos and free support during the demo.

Download the manual in PDF.

MD5 for version 4.

4.4 updates (Latest)

Real time file replication software for Windows7, Windows 10, Windows 2012 family (64 bits)

MD5 (enduradata_edpcloud_4_4_0_E_setup_WINDOWS7_x64.exe.zip) = 8d21273f6908cdedfae8e99c2fe16011

Real time file replication software for Linux (64 bits)

MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_4_0_E.tar.gz) = 49b8bc737085c1c3866210886e08c3b0


Real time file replication software for OpenBSD (64 bits)

MD5 (edpcloud_OPENBSD_x64_v4_4_0_E.tar.gz) = 2928283569710c8ec66ed68c76df2cc8

4.3.9 updates

Windows 7,8,2012,2008 64 bit:

MD5 (enduradata_edpcloud_4_3_9_E_setup_WINDOWS7_x64.exe.zip) = b7772b05e47caffe538f4757ea29b263

Linux 32 bits:
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x86_v4_3_9_E.tar.gz) = dc6ee60421bacf10c427ea72ba1c44ae

Linux 64 bits:
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_9_E.tar.gz) = f76c456b4e1413290c3197f26c6965f9

Linux 32 bits:

MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x86_v4_4_0_E.tar.gz) = 3477fdb8f2cb8d9a400fd70240cd9d57

MD5 for version 4.3.8 of EDpCloud file replication (Latest: Official release)

MD5 (enduradata_edpcloud_4_2_7_E_setup_WINDOWSXP_i386.exe_.zip) = c39a7c028e25cdd30d17f8810d1ea58d
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_8_E.tar.gz) =  babc4b5de2b49009cb8ad1f83329ce17
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x86_v4_3_8_E.tar.gz) = 1cebc7bce88a509f9814c6af63bc7406
MD5 (enduradata_edpcloud_4_3_8_E_setup_WINDOWS7_x64.exe.zip) =  7d15deaf629608535434ac15a97046bf
MD5 (edpcloud_OPENBSD_x64_v4_3_8_E.tar.gz) = ceb4baccb9412f75449ce81ca6a42bb6
MD5 (edpcloud_OPENBSD_x86_v4_3_8_E.tar.gz) = 45b1b38ecdde8abcf337756657a3bf3e
MD5 (edpcloud_MACOSX_x64_v4_3_8_E.tar.gz) = 27f440c1ef8a92c8f104f80c26a3a0af

Old releases of EDpCloud

MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x86_v4_3_7_E.tar.gz) = 00da6f8a5ac8298fd9c0b5018f12808e
MD5 (edpcloud_MACOSX_x64_v4_3_7_E.tar.gz) = 732d8849dc3de47b9ae80ef314dbd9a8
MD5 (edpcloud_OPENBSD_x64_v4_3_7_E.tar.gz) = db870bf3fa858e93c4a1154a0cd23da3
MD5 (edpcloud_OPENBSD_x86_v4_3_7_E.tar.gz) = 65cad68a706587210c68c26f3539c59e
MD5 (edpcloud_SUNOS_SPARC64_v4_3_7_E.tar.gz) = 1312de7086a74d459f5cdd8dbd2774c0
MD5 (edpcloud_AIX_ppc64_v4_1_5_E.tar.gz) = 5f8f1d94ba37b6944d9a48d3f2fd2669
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_5_E_IPV6Beta.tar.gz) = 854e2e282ff79876b5903fb1b249366e
MD5 (edpcloud_LINUX_x64_v4_3_6_E.tar.gz) = a1c05aa5e1977dff48ad414c1af0b3eb



These are descriptions only (non-clickable. Scroll down to the download area to download). Look for the most recent release for your platform.


EDpCloud file replication package file names

  • EDpCloud file replication license file


  • File replication for AIX


  • Linux 64 bit on Intel or AMD with support of both IPv4 and IPv6


  • Replication for Linux 32 bit on Intel or AMD with support of both IPv4 and IPv6



  • File replication for Linux on IBM Power



  • File replication for Mac 64 bit


  • File replication for Solaris Sparc


  • File replication for Win 2003


  • Data Replication for Windows 32 bit: 2008, Win7, Win10, Win 2012


  • Replication for Windows 64 bit: 2008, Win7, Win10, Win 2012



Need help or other platforms ?

Please contact us  if you want newer 32 bit for Windows, Mac or Linux. We started to build only 64 bit for these platforms and will be glad to send you a 32bit if you are still stuck with that platform.

Call 952-746-4160 or email support.



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