EnduraData EDpCloud Cross Platform File Replication and Transfer Solutions(index)
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Index of EDpCloud file replication documents


Index of manual pages for EDpCloud file replication and synchronization.

EnduraData EDpCloud is a cross platform file replication solution for Linux, Windows and other UNIX flavors.

List of documents

../html/eddist.cfg.html -- Main replication configuration. senders, receivers, destination directory, etc.
../html/edfsmonitor.cfg.html -- Configuring real time file replication.
../html/edalerts.cfg.html -- Configuring alerts and notifications.
../html/edpasswd.html -- Setting up file replication passwords and hosts allowed.
../html/edscheduler.cfg.html -- Creating a schedule of replication or other tasks as needed.
../html/myaliases.html -- Configuring hostnames, domain name services, alternate IPs and host aliases
../html/edstage.html -- Configuring scripts to run before EDpCloud services start. i.e to mount file systems or map drives, etc.
../html/eddist.html -- Services information.
../html/ed_sender.html -- Information about data sender application.
../html/edincludesexcludes.html -- Using regular expressions to include or exclude files.
../html/edpause.html -- Pausing file replication.
../html/edmanage.html -- An extra command line for managing file replication.
../html/edresume.html -- Resuming file replication.
../html/edcryptor.html -- A tool for encrypting and decrypting files and directories.
../html/edjob.html -- File replication job management and reporting: list jobs, cancel jobs, set priorities, reset failures, etc.
../html/edstat.html -- File synchronization reporting, status and statistics.
../html/edverify.html -- Verifying file replication and synchronization configuration.
../html/edzdump.html -- Tool for compressing and uncompressing files (used to decompress log files)
../html/edmfq.html -- Queue files for replication on demand. Flexible with dates, times, etc.
../html/edq.html -- Tool for on demand replication. Creates snapshots.
../html/edintro.html -- A brief introduction to EDpCloud configuration.
../html/edneedjava.html -- This is deprecated file and is here for historical reasons.
../html/edguihelp.html -- Help file.


Users with a support contract or that are evaluating the solution can contact EnduraData Technical support at <support@enduradata.com>


A. A. El Haddi, elhaddi@ieee.org