Web-scale IT Approach to Enterprise Cloud Adoption Reduces Cost

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Web-scale IT Approach to Enterprise Cloud Adoption will be 50% by 2017 vs 10% in 2013. Architecture & infrastructure to help Web Scale IT EnduraData EdpCloud Enterprise Software Solutionsworkflow automation should be looked at first. [Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Data Center Summit in 2014 (Gartner)].

What is Web-Scale IT?

Web-scale IT is an architectural approach to cloud adoption that  improves workflow automation, operational efficiency, reduces costs and increases profits. It evolved from the computing world and addresses the complexity of how to approach and improve proficiency of big data across technology data centers, databases, software platforms and operating systems in large environments of enterprise IT.

In simpler terms, it is the art of data management and automation to improve operational processes using the best practices with the least amount of hardware. Then allocating the storage and processing resources to make it happen effectively.

The emergence of big data has helped executives know and understand the issues faced by their organizations and these leaders often begin by visualizing the act of going virtual. The right scaleable solutions exist. How to do this is a complex issue to solve and ought to start by considering how to more effectively manage information and data centers.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Architectural Considerations

  • Why consider cloud adoption?
  • What are the business needs?
  • Are there unknown gaps or silos of unknown data variables?
  • What are past patterns of scaling?
  • What patterns are emerging based on the data?
  • How would the right architecture work with that?
  • How can we use that to leverage other enabling technologies?

Web-scale IT requires re-framing by addressing architecture and infrastructure first, to solve the issue of how to manage data centers effectively. It is complex and needs architectural forethought and then testing. Once that process is done, data replication becomes easier, especially when organizations have cloud software providers who ensure continuous security protection and work across multiple platforms and operating systems. Industrial sociology is changing as it relates to technology and adoption rates, despite the fact that the tools and principles have been available for a while.

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