Data backup: Protect your data before it is too late.

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Backup your data before your device crashes and burns In this short article, Nicole will discuss in very simple terms what is data backup and why it is important. In …

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

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Why Managed File Transfer or MFT ? The ability to share files is an essential part of conducting business in every industry across the board. File sharing generally transpires by …

edpcloud disk on fire xs 4097517

Data loss, data protection, sync and backup

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Data Loss and Data Leaks: Backup data now, Your choice. Nicole Preston, EnduraData Mass Communications and Public Education Think you don’t need data backup or you have a good file …

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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What is Health Information Exchange? Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the electronic transfer of medical information between patients and various healthcare professionals such as: nurses, physicians and pharmacists. Despite the …

A financial institution’s file sync led to a disaster

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The cash cow is sick: Data access is the bottleneck but file sync almost killed it Mark’s team of developers was busy at work getting a new application ready for …

EnduraData story: why file replication and synchronization?

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Note: A reprint of an article from 2013 by SJO. “For every complex problem there is a simple solution and it is wrong” — attributed to H.L. Mencken – Why …

Bob deletes all data to make room for big data

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A reminder to protect your data from accidental deletion, malice or from inexperienced staff.

Combining file transfer with file archiving

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Older versions of EDpCloud file transfer prior to 4.2.0 and 4.1.9[a-d] supported  versions and archives.  Version 4.2.1 of EDpCloud file replication allows you better control. Specify file archive directory archivedir=”DirPathWhereToPutArchives” …

Including and excluding files from data synchronization and online backup

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Introduction  You need to transfer files from one or more systems to a remote location for online backup, for sharing or for automating processes. This post explains how the includes …

EDpCloud v 4.1.9 Increases Data Synchronization Speeds, Reliability and Adds Redundant Network Paths

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Eden Prairie, MN  Dec 17, 2014 EnduraData improves performance of bidirectional cross platform file replication and data synchronization, adds redundant network paths and supports even larger file sizes. EDpCloud file …