The real costs of data loss and imperfect backups

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Imperfect backup and costs of data loss Imperfect backups can bring down a business to its knees. Many executives across the board are realizing how important is data for their …

File replication software for data migration

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Introduction EDpCloud is a file replication software that allows you to synchronize data between servers, laptops and desktops. You can use the synchronization for backup, data migration, data distribution and …

EnduraData Blog Entries

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Intelligent High Speed Bidirectional Real Time File Replication with IPv6 for Telecommunications29/11/2017Backup and data replication for data protection21/11/2017Data backup: Protect your data before it is too late.21/09/2017Data Migration and File …

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Online Backup and Sync Data at Blazing Speed with EDpCloud

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MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — EnduraData, Inc. (, a leader in file sync and online backup software, data replication and data synchronization released the most versatile, high speed, automated, secure, …

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EnduraData data replication software deployed by a top 10 health care company

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Eden Prairie, MN: EndurData has announced that a top 10 health care company, with revenues in excess of $10 Billion, integrated EnduraData’s EDpCloud data replication software solution into the health …

New EDpCloud File Transfer Between Public and Private Clouds

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EDpCloud™ File Transfer is a cross platform file sync solution that allows people to synchronize data automatically between heterogeneous platforms and between geographic sites.  Eden Prairie, MN — (Press Release) …

Linux real time file replication and synchronization software

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  In this article, I will discuss how to configure EDpCloud Linux Real Time File Replication and Synchronization to move and sync files automatically from one or multiple Linux servers, …

Data leaks continue to mount

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Data leaks continued to mount in 2015 In January 2015, I received four consecutive new debit cards. Each was a result of a major data leak. First Target, Home Depot …

A financial institution’s file sync led to a disaster

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The cash cow is sick: Data access is the bottleneck but file sync almost killed it Mark’s team of developers was busy at work getting a new application ready for …

A new Minnesota email backup and retention policy: delete it all

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A new report by  Curtis Gilbert from Minnesota Public Radio Indicated that the cities and counties around the state of Minnesota and opting for a policy of deleting emails “to …

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File Sync, File Transfer and File Replication Software Version 4.2.2 Is Available

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A Leaner and Faster EDpCloud™ Enterprise File Sync and File Replication Software Is Available The new version of the enterprise file sync is 40% faster and requires 60% less memory …

Governance and defects: Not a one time activity but some think it is.

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  Do you have people like these in your organization? Tell us more or suggest a cartoon to how some decisions made will hurt your business.

EnduraData story: why file replication and synchronization?

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Note: A reprint of an article from 2013 by SJO. “For every complex problem there is a simple solution and it is wrong” — attributed to H.L. Mencken – Why …

Bob deletes all data to make room for big data

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A reminder to protect your data from accidental deletion, malice or from inexperienced staff.

Bob the un-system administrator

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After deleting all files, Bob is giving a presentation to the executives. But a surprise is in the corner. Do you know any Bob’s? Tell us about them.