Automatic File Synchronization Software Reduces Costs and Risks

By using EDpCloud's automatic file synchronization software and replication capabilities, you will automate file transfer across the enterprise, share content between branch offices and leverage your existing investments. The automated file replication software works on all existing platforms and allows you to synchronize data between Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX. EDpCloud will allow you to increase business process efficiency and output, to reduce costs and to reduce risks. The following are some example of how EDpCloud will contribute to your company's bottom line:

Enterprise File Transfer, File Synchronizaton and File Replication

Automatic and Secure Data Movement for the Enterprise for Mac Windows Linux Solaris AIX:

  • Data Migration
  • File synchronization to clouds
  • File tranfer and replication between systems
  • Real time sync between systems and remote sites
  • Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX.
  • Synchronize files, replicate data & share data
  • Synchronize files between virtual machines and physical machines
  • Move, distribute & aggregate data automatically
  • Securely share, synchronize and send large files
  • Migrate data between systems and clouds
  • Automatically transfer files between sites
  • Automatically replicate and protect your data
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs & risks.
  • Continuous data protection
  • Continuous file synchronization
  • Automatic file replication
  • Encrypted data movement
  • For the LAN, WAN and between Clouds
  • Reduce costs and risks.
edpcloud reduces costs of file transfer , replication and file sharing

Lower costs of data processing and of decision making:

  • Task automation: reduces labor costs and errors
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Use less hardware and software.
Reduce risks by using file transfer and replication for the enterprise

Reduce risks associated with data movement, file transfer and data protection:

  • Improve security and reduce data leaks
  • Enhance compliance
  • Have full control over your data.
edpcloud file transfer, replication and file sharing

Increase revenues:

  • Increase work group productivity
  • Share data with partners
  • Sell more faster through automation.
  • Improve your decision making by getting and using data faster